Dance Your Way to Health

Forget running lonely miles and boring, monotonous repetitious exercises in smelly gyms. Exercises you enjoy, such as dancing, swimming, and gardening, can provide enormous health benefits, including helping prevent dementia.

A recent report published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that the brain scans of older people who burned the most calories exercising had more gray matter in crucial brain areas responsible for memory and cognition. They were also 50 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s within a five-year period.

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Vicky Wu

Vicky first began her dance career at age eight taking classes in the most popular dance craze of the time –  DISCO!  This was followed by more years of lessons in styles including square dancing, and of course the foundational dances of tap, jazz and ballet.  Vicky began teaching dance at age 14 and even added a stint with breakdancing to her repertoire.

Vicky completed in an intensive teacher program for ballroom dance instruction and began teaching ballroom dance, latin dance, and social dance lessons shortly thereafter.  She believes in continually learning and takes a variety of professional level lessons and classes with master teachers.  She has performed in numerous exhibitions, such as the Moulin Rouge tango shown here for the Sherman Service League Charity Ball.

“I enjoy taking non-dancers and sharing my own love of dance by helping them learn to dance together,” said Vicky.  ”Teaching ballroom and social dance is especially satisfying when you’re working with a couple and helping them learn something fun that they can do together.  In fact, one of my most enjoyable activities is teaching brides and grooms their first dance, and then seeing them return later to participate in other dance workshops.”


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I can give you a lot of background about how many years I’ve been teaching, what styles of dance I teach, and more about me … but your wedding isn’t about me (although that information is available on my website if you’re interested).

          Click here to access this article in a printable PDF:  Why Choose HTGD for your Wedding Dance

Weddings are so personal to you that you should choose whomever you are most comfortable with as your dance teacher.  Some of the considerations are price (I held my own wedding in 2012, so I know how quickly expenses add up!), but just as important is finding a vendor (no matter what service) who you feel comfortable working with.  Your dance instructor, like any vendor, needs to keep you and your needs and wants as the focus, which is what I try to do with all of my clients.

If booking a private lesson or package of lessons, half of your first private lesson would be free, since we would take time to go over what you’re wanting, your music choice, and for me to gain an understanding of your dance abilities.  So we always book a first private lesson for two hours although you are only charged for one.

My most recent wedding couple came to me after having gone to another studio requesting a choreographed wedding dance.  What they received was $1600 worth of group and private lessons and no choreographed dance.  Then they were told choreography would cost another $1000.  I listened to what they wanted and worked with them to design a lesson plan and budget that would meet their needs – and this is what I do for ALL my students.  No point in being charged $1600 for you to be unhappy with what you received!  I probably could have charged this couple more than what I did (which was less than $1000), but I only charged them for what I felt they actually needed.  Happy dancers refer other dancers, so I don’t feel the need to make all my money from you 🙂

The only reason I charge tuition is because I have to pay overhead, but I teach dance because I love to dance and I love to help others learn how.  This is reflected in my pricing and philosophies.  Nothing more exciting for me than taking people who say “I don’t know how to dance” and then having them send you a video clip from their wedding dance where they look amazing!.

Feel free to contact me with more questions or if you need more info.  And whether or not you choose our studio, you can benefit from this wedding dance planner.  Just print it, fill it out and take it to your instructor:

When I first started taking ballroom dance class I had three left feet! I knew absolutely nothing about ballroom/social dance. Vicky Wu’s coaching methods are structured to what works best for her students. She never says I’m doing anything wrong (even when I know I’m not always doing a step correctly) and always makes me feel I am making progress with every lesson. Dancing does not come natural for me, but I am improving and having a great time. Not only have I learned the basic dance steps for many dances, I know how to recover from a mistake to where no one watching knows I made a mistake. That takes a good dance coach…and Vicky is that dance coach.

– Jan

Angela and Grant did an amazing job on their first dance at their wedding reception!

I would recommend Vicky Wu to anyone wanting to learn how to dance. I never took a lesson in my life and she was so patient with me and took the time to show me every move as many times as I needed her to. You can tell she loves what she does and she loves to share her gift of dance with others.

– Nicole

All current students, if you bring a friend to group class in May, you will get 1/2 off your May group class tuition. They must be a new student, not taken lessons from me in the past, they must pay their tuition, and they do not have to take the same class that you do. For every new student/class, you can take 1/2 off the same number of classes; so if you bring two students who each take one class, or one student who takes two classes, you can get 50% off tuition for two group classes.

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