How much?

How much?

So I have a question for all of you loyal dancers:

How much do you want to pay?


You see, yes I started a dance studio because I love dancing (the why video is here), and one of the first things I did was look at prices. I found that so many of the large chain ballroom dance studios had pricing that was a real stretch for most middle-class casual dancers (at least it was for me).  Pricing wasn’t so much an issue with other types of dance – such as classes for kids –  but the cost to take ballroom dance lessons was prohibitive unless you were a very serious dancer who was pretty serious about dance as a large part of your life, or you had plenty of  disposable income.

I know all of the arguments about pricing (after all, I was a business major) and realize that people may value more that for which they pay more – so yes maybe those national franchise chains have a good idea in pricing lessons expensive so that their students value the classes more.  But I also believe you can value your classes because of the instruction you receive and many other non-monetary reasons!

I didn’t want dance to be “exclusive” and wanted to find a pricing structure that would be “inclusive” and allow  more people to dance.  After  all, I love  dancing, so of course I want more people to be  able to do it!

In addition to being inclusive,  I also want your studio to be very student-centric. So I’m asking you now … what would you want to pay? How much do you believe your lessons are worth? 

I realize many of you, at least initially, had never taken classes before and it would have been very difficult for you to even have a rough idea.  But most of you have been with us for a couple of years now at  our new location in Fort Worth so you likely have some thoughts on cost.

Note I’m not saying our pricing structure will change.  And unfortunately we can’t give it away free – we do have bills to pay.  Plus we have independent contractors who all set their own rates. All of us, however, are interested in your thoughts about how you place value on your lessons, and what you think would be a perfect pricing structure.  Your insights may take us in an interesting and exciting new direction or spur new ideas!

Just comment below – include what type of class you’re taking or interested in, and your thoughts on cost!