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Ballroom Dancer New Year Resolutions

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Have you made dancing-related New Year’s Resolutions?  What are they? I’m not a big fan of setting “New Year Resolutions” annually because I believe goals are something that we all should be constantly setting, evaluating, focusing on, working towards. But I also realize that most likely few people actually think of resolutions surrounding their ballroom […]


New movie “Ballroom Dancer” premieres January 2013

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Ballroom Dancer follows Slavik Kryklyvyy – 34 (Ukraine), a former World Champion in Latin, who is making his comeback with his new partner Anna Melnikova Duknauske (Russia), ten years his junior.  Slavik has been out of dancing due to a hip injury, and his aging body causes him severe pain.  Slavik was the former partner of Joanna […]