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5 top tips for yoga class

1. Remember that there’s no such thing as being “good at yoga.”

Being “good” at yoga postures is something that doesn’t exist. Remember, yoga is a practice that helps us to deeply explore ourselves while learning to quiet the mind – it’s not about perfection. You don’t have to be good at yoga, so release any pressure or tension  you feel to be perfect.

2. Don’t think; just do.

Talking about going to yoga usually keeps me from actually going to yoga. Showing up is the hardest part!  Go to class, and do.

3. No one is judging you.

Yoga is about energy, and you should feel comfortable and welcome.  If you’ve found the perfect space but still find yourself worrying during downward dog that everyone is judging you, remember that others are also practicing and are unable to look at you, let alone judge you. And if it makes you feel better, downward dog is probably my least favorite personal asana, but I still do it, despite how badly I think I look.

4. Be kind to your body and yourself.

The way we treat our bodies during yoga is a manifestation of how we feel about ourselves. Don’t be unkind to your hamstring because it’s tighter than you’d like. Instead, grant your muscle compassion and breath, and it will open. Allow yourself to start where you are, and know that strength and flexibility will come.  Simply start and be kind to yourself.

5. Practice non-judgment, presence and patience.

Choose to go into your class with an open mind and an open heart.

Don’t judge the practice, don’t decide it’s not working or that nothing is happening, Welcome yoga in and let the poses take you somewhere magnificent, just as they’ve done for thousands of people for thousands of years.  Don’t judge yourself, and don’t judge your classmates.  Just do.

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