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All in the effort of looking good

I’ve written past posts about how when you feel like you look good when ballroom dancing, it adds a bit of pep to your step, and what you’re feeling inside translates to your dancing.

So I couldn’t resist pulling out an old post from my personal blog, about false eyelashes.  They make eyes look so gorgeous, that I wanted to try a pair for a tango exhibition several years ago.  Perhaps you will relate, and maybe even get a laugh out of my adventures to look great while I dance!

I had never worn them.  Ever. Not even as part of a halloween costume. I like my eyelashes just fine, they fit my face.

But I was shopping ELF cosmetics a few days before my tango exhibition and they had them for $1. So I figured why not? Heck, I bought two!

So I get home today (the today of my post from a couple of years ago) and my package had arrived. Being a girl, I couldn’t resist digging into the makeup. So the adventures with the false eyelashes begins…

5:00pm … Get home, open box, see goodies. Decide to take out contacts since I’m gonna play with fake lashes that have glue, and I thought glue + contacts could = bad idea.

5:05pm … Open package of lashes. Take out little glue bottle. You know those tubes that have a pointy thingie in the cap that you pierce the tube with so the stuff will come out? It’s one of those. Only tiny. Tiny tiny.

5:10pm … Not having any luck piercing the tube with the cap. Go look for a needle.

5:15pm … Find the needle, pierce the tube. Unfortunately all of my messing with the cap had put too much pressure on the tiny tube and the glue squirts out everywhere. It’s now empty (yeah, the tube is THAT small). Throw tube away. Wash gooey hands.

5:16pm … Get tube out of OTHER package of eyelashes. Use needle first. Glue comes out fine. I grab the lash, apply the glue, wait 60 seconds for it to get tacky.

5:17pm … First attempt to stick the lashes on. I mean, even though I haven’t done it, I’ve SEEN it done. How hard can it be?

5:21pm … Very hard. My thumbnail bends the eyelash beyond recognition. Throw eyelash away and grab another. Glad I bought two pair. Glad they’re only $1 each. Repeat gluing process with new fake lash strip.

5:28pm … Think I’ve got it, think I’ve got it… pull away my fingers … I DO have it! A nice long lash attached to … my thumb. Put more glue on the lash and try again.

5:34pm … Get lash applied, look closer in mirror, and it’s a mile away from my natural lash line. Pull off. Reapply glue. Try again.

5:35pm … Poke my eyeball with glue-covered lash strip.

5:40pm … Decide that maybe I should have my eye CLOSED when I try to do this.

5:42pm … Finally! The lash is on! Well ok, a tiny little piece of the end isn’t quite all the way stuck down, but who gives a hoot? It’s been nearly 45 minutes! And all I have is one eyelash on!

I’m not doing the other one. Hopefully next time it will be easier. I’m going to go run into the living room and see if I can scare my kids.

(For the record, the ELF eyelashes / eyelash rather / looks GREAT.  It’s not their fault I’m eyelashishly impaired).


And FYI, it was easier the second time.  And I looked great for my tango exhibition!

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