Health and Exercise

Ballroom dancing can provide great muscle tone

Ballroom dancing can improve your overall muscle tone.  The aspect of ballroom dancing that makes it such a good exercise and health program is you’re maintaining a good posture, stretching your body, standing up as good as you can.  While you’re doing a basic box pattern, you’re not just moving your body; you’re controlling muscle movement to obtain the correct body movement.  These muscle groups and the way you’re controlling them are working harder than if you were just walking.

Ballroom dancing benefits you as you age as well.  Older students who have been dancing for years can enjoy a great range of mobility and flexibility while some of their friends are having trouble getting around. It keeps your mind active, because as you’re learning new patterns and new methods, it’s forcing your brain to exercise as well as your body.

And while people assume that the faster latin dances, such as salsa and cha cha, or swing are better for exercise, most don’t realize that a properly performed waltz or foxtrot can be more exercise-oriented and physically exhausting than the others, because you’re using your muscles in a very controlled and drawn-out method, which means there’s a lot more control involved.

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