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Ballroom dancing may help prevent headaches

Ballroom dance as a form of exercise can help ward off headaches in the following three ways, through:

1. Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen: Regular exercise, such as ballroom dancing, increases blood flow and, in turn, the amount of oxygen cycled within the body. This increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain may keep most headaches away by enabling normalized brain function.

2. Melting away the tension: A large number of headaches are tension headaches; in other words, headaches that are brought on by symptoms such as anxiety or stress. Dancing allows the body to relieve that tension and provide with it a means to remove those stressors, thereby alleviating most tension headaches.

3. Protecting from within: Cardiovascular exercise -such as dancing- has proven benefits and healthy payoffs. From the release of hormones that regulate mood to the delivery of natural painkillers throughout the body, a heart-healthy body is a sure way to prevent many ailments. This helps keep the brain and body stress-free and, in turn, headache-free.

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