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Busy mom loses 103 lbs ballroom dancing!

Guess how this busy mom lost weight and kept it off? Dancing! Read the article over on Yahoo:

That inspires ME!  What about you?

One thing I know for sure is that to stay active we need to find something we ENJOY doing so that it’s fun and not a chore.  Maybe ballroom dancing can be that activity for you.

This past weekend, we went to a professional ballroom dancing showcase, with exhibitions from pros all over the world.  During intermissions, they opened the floor to let the audience dance.  The audience consisted mostly of dance students who were not beginners, but ranged from intermediate to advanced ballroom students, with less than a handful of “beginner” dancers.  Tye is a beginner dancer, but we still went out on the floor and had a GREAT time!  None of the other couples were staring or anything negative even though it might have been obvious that we were only doing a couple of basic steps of each dance type.

They might, however, have been staring and laughing when he decided to mock the professional dancers’ facial expressions from their rumba exhibitions.  I was giggling hysterically the entire dance.  (He looked more like he was constipated than “passionate”.)  But even with a beginner dancer surrounded by probably a hundred more experienced dancers, we didn’t feel out of place at all.  Dancers are some of the most kind people when with other students – they’ve been there and have gone through the same learning process … and had enough fun to continue learning.

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