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Dance as an alternative form of exercise

Dance – especially ballroom dancing – can be a great alternative form of exercise.  Most dance can be learned at any pace.  Ballroom dancing specifically gives numerous choices of style, allowing dancers to choose the ones best suited for their physique.  This makes dancing a great choice for everyone but even more so for baby boomers as a way to increase physical activity.

Physical activity is directly linked with increased life expectancy.  Ballroom dance lessons offer an excellent opportunity to engage the cardiovascular system steadily and consistently. This means that a dancer, regardless of their skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), will reap the incremental rewards on their health, including weight control .

Obesity is no joke and it has been linked to a host of life-altering diseases. Performing different types of exercise is a sure way to shed and keep the weight off.  Dancing engages the entire body from the core muscle groups to cardiovascular system, and in a fun environment.

Exercise can sometimes be a drag, but dancing is never dull. The surge and release of mood-boosters, coupled with other many physical benefits, make dancing enjoyable. It also makes the dancer more likely to stick to this form of exercise and therefore, extend their life.

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