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Dancing helps the brain stay healthy

It’s a fact, as the body ages, the mind-body connection is altered and brain function inevitably slows down. While solving a cross-word puzzle has its benefits, the best thing to do to improve mental activity, boost memory, and ward off dementia is, quite simply, to exercise. According to AARP Magazine, ballroom dance serves as one of the best and most efficient ways to preserve and improve mental health.

1.    Dancing is active exercise: Dancing engages the entire body and delivers a dose of heart-healthy movement that strengthens cardiovascular and immunological processes. The improved blood flow and fitness that occurs thanks to dancing, has positive effects on all the body’s systems: especially the brain. This approach to wellness also enhances the mind-body connection, and important factor in performing and sticking to an exercise routine. And the more the body exercises, the healthier the brain will be.

2.    Ballroom dance – or any type of dance – can help ward off neurological diseases: the longer a dancer is on the dance floor, the more they must use their coordination. The data shows that performing activities that involve a coordinated effort have improved the memory, cognition, and problem solving areas of the brain. Exercising these parts of the brain is a proven way to dramatically decrease the chances of developing life-altering diseases, such as dementia.

3.    Ballroom dance in particular is a social activity: studies have shown that being part of a social activity at least once a week improves mood and reduces anxiety. This has many, many benefits for the brain, as it prevent the onset of depression and helps manage other types of mood disorders. Getting up, going out, and stepping on the dance floor is a surefire way to keep away the blues and keep the brain healthy and happy.

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