Health and Exercise

Dancing together makes workouts work!

Exercising together can bring a couple closer as they share goals and successes.

1. Sharing a workout is a proven mood-booster: Ballroom dance is an excellent cardio workout that releases feel-good hormones, such as serotonin and endorphins. Any couple can greatly benefit from sharing a healthy workout that will leave everyone feeling happy. Plus, couples who dance together, stay together!

2. Dancing together can enable a sense of healthy competition: ballroom dancing with a partner is not about outdoing them, it’s about learning how to do together! A shared competitive edge is an excellent motivator to maintain a workout regimen.

3. Working out with a partner is guaranteed fun: forget the hassle of the gym or the whims of the weather, a dance studio is never dull or inconvenient. The safety and comfort of a dance studio guarantees that time will never be wasted, all while having fun.

Plus an added benefit of learning how to dance together, is that then you will both know how to dance.  This gives you one more option for date nights out – going dancing!

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