Frequently Asked Questions

Where are lessons held?

4524 Boat Club Rd #150, Fort Worth, TX.  Google map.  Behind Chevron you will see Cross Business Center with an Allstate Insurance, we are in the back corner of the parking lot.

Private or group lessons can also be held at your location (if it has an appropriate floor surface – wood, tile or concrete as opposed to carpeted).  This would include church groups that want to host group lessons for their congregation, or a wedding party that wants to practice in the same location that the reception will be held.  Contact me for more information.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever clothing you will be wearing when you go out dancing socially.  Most people come to class in whatever they wore to work that day.

For your safety, a STRICT shoe policy is enforced!  Shoes must be worn for all classes.  Flip-flops and slip-on shoes are not allowed.  Your shoes must attach securely to your feet with an ankle strap of full heel cuff.  Failure to comply with this policy will result in forfeiture of your class without credit.

When is my tuition for class due?

Group class session tuition is due by the first night of class.  You may pay for you classes in person with a check, cash or credit card.  Pre-registering by prepaying using a link on the schedule page is the easiest method.

Group class tuition is non-refundable after the month session begins.

When signing up for a private lesson, full tuition is due for the package by the first group class or private lesson, whichever comes first.  A 25% deposit will be requested to secure the dates.

What is the cancellation policy if I need to miss a class? 

Group Classes: Advance notice of cancellation is required if you have to miss a group class.  A one-time credit of $10 will be offered for ONE missed class.  This credit will apply to a future group class enrollment.  In order to receive credit for the missed class, you must notify me in advance that you will not be attending. “No Shows” will not receive class credit.

Private Lessons:  A 24-hour cancellation notice is requested for private lessons. If you cancel your lesson at least 24 hours prior to your lesson time, there is no penalty.  Cancellations within 24 hours of your lesson time, lessons missed without notification or “no shows” will require payment of the full lesson value.  If you show up late, you will still be required to pay for the full lesson although the lesson will still end on time due to scheduling of other students.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis depending upon availability.

What if there is bad weather?In the event classes are canceled due to inclement weather, make-up classes or credits can not be issued.  Classes will be cancelled whenever schools in Fort Worth closed due to inclement weather.  Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis depending upon availability.

How do group classes work?

Your very first class of any dance style will include about 20 minutes of training on lead/follow skills and frame, because this is SO critical to your success in any style of dance.  The remainder of the class you will learn one or two of the most basic steps of the dance, and end with one or two songs dancing what you have learned.

All subsequent classes you take on this style (the rest of the month for Level 1, and any classes in Level 2 or above) will begin with open dancing for one or two songs for you to dance the steps you remember.  This gives your brain a chance to switch over in to dance mode, which will make the rest of the lesson easier for you.  Often when you first start dancing at the beginning of class, you may feel like you don’t remember much from the prior week, but once you start moving you remember your steps a bit better and they become more natural.  This dancing also gives your instructor time to see steps that you may still need help with or that can be fine-tuned to flow more smoothly.

The class will continue with reviewing those steps you felt you wanted to work on or your instructor noticed can be fine-tuned from your open dancing.  Then you will learn one to two steps (depending upon the complexity of the step and how quickly the class picks up on the footwork).  Each step is presented by the instructor previewing the step with one of the students, followed by slowly breaking down the footwork, practice of footwork, then adding the lead and follow, practice of the lead and follow, and then putting it all together, dancing it together without music, and then dancing it together with music, then dancing it together with music and with other steps before and after.  We will also continue reviewing and fine tuning all steps during the learning portion of the lesson.  Open dancing will again occur when class end, dancing one or two songs for all of the steps you have learned to that point.