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Feel Beautiful When You’re Dancing

One of the things I always wanted was beautiful skin.  I had some acne as a teenager – not bad, but my skin is so pale that it was always noticeable even if it was just a spot or two.  And unfortunately that didn’t go away when I was a teenager.  My skin is also fairly sensitive – whenever I wear heavier makeup for performances, it can cause a breakout before I even have time to clean the makeup back off!

I’ve talked in previous posts about how part of dancing is attitude, and what you project to the audience.  And it’s easier to project something beautiful when you feel more beautiful.  And for me, having beautiful skin is something that I always wanted.

I had a friend who sold one of those exclusive cosmetic lines, and several years ago I bought the basic set and tried it.  It was probably the first time I had really changed my facial cleansing and moisturizing routine in years.  And I loved it!  It worked great!

But it was expensive.  And even though all of those cleansers and moisturizers do last quite a while, I added it up and balked at what I would be spending each year.  So I wondered if I could find something that would provide much the same results at a fraction of the price.

I think I did!  I’ve been using these products for about 9 months now, and experienced a noticeable difference compared to the regular ole cleansing with facial soap that I had reverted back to.  Here is what I use, so if you’ve ever wanted to try some new products, you may give these a go … at least they are inexpensive enough that they won’t break the bank if you decide you don’t like them.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, for normal to oily skin

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, for normal to oily skin, 16.0 -Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)

I bought a big bottle of this for around $10.  It smells like baby shampoo I remember from when my sons were tiny.  And it feels just as gentle – yet it gives me a really good clean.  I felt confident in that Cetaphil was a name I had heard of.  Plus it’s handy – the bottle sits right next to the sink in my bathroom, and at night I can just give it a quick pump and have my face clean.  You can find this on Amazon:


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-wrinkle Night Cream

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, 1.4 Ounce

Another name I know, and at department store price (around $10 for a tube).  This tube lasts fairly long because you only need a pea-size amount at night (or, in their words, “pearl” size … and the marketer in me enjoyed how they took something as green and mushy as a pea and turned it into something more appropriate for a beauty product!)  When I skip this step for several days I notice; I think the retinol probably helps keep blemishes clear and skin renewed (I’m just guessing, I’m no dermatologist!)

Burts Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser

Burts Bees Facial Cleanser – Orange Essence 4.34 oz
For those nights when I’ve put on a bit extra makeup for a performance, or when my skin is feeling a bit more dry than usual and I want extra moisturizing during my cleansing routine, I turn to this Burt’s Bees orange facial cleanser.  I use it first, rubbing it in well and rinsing it off, and then follow up with the Cetaphil cleanser.  Gets me squeaky clean and feeling moisturized.  And of course, Burts Bees is a name we all recognize, and this too is only around $10.


Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream

Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care Cream – 4 Oz.X 2 Pcs

I am a big fan of Fruit of the Earth, ever since I tried their clear Aloe Vera gel on a light sunburn, and it made it disappear!  Now I keep that gel on hand … and also found another little gem of theirs that I can’t live without.  I have actually been using this for a while, but wanted to share.  It’s their Vitamin E cream.  It’s in a jar, and usually comes in a two pack.  It can be hard to find at the local store (although I have no idea why some won’t carry it!), and when I do find it, it’s always down on a bottom shelf, almost hidden.  But for $5-$6 for TWO jars, it’s a keeper!  I usually moisturize with it at night, although I’ve been known to use it during the day to.  And it’s really great when my elbows and knees get a bit dry.  I have these jars floating around everywhere.  There’s probably 2 in my bathroom, 1 in my car, usually 1 in my office, 1 in the other bathroom… you get the idea.

Missha Perfect BB Cream with SPF 42

I had also been searching for a new foundation, and came across this Korean brand Missha.  (If you didn’t know, South Koreans tend to really value perfect skin – both the men and the women – so I figured a Korean company might know what they’re doing!)  Their BB cream is excellent.  It’s moisturizing yet covers what I want, plus with an SPF of 42 it’s one of the higher ratings I can find.  I like how it makes my skin feel.  Around $20 a bottle, and there are SO many knockoffs of this product that I refuse to buy it from anywhere other than the Missha website (you never really know what’s in a knockoff – it could be something completely different than what’s on the label!).  If you find this for $10 or less, it’s most likely a knockoff.  You can view this product here:  (I lean toward the honey beige – the light beige is a bit to pale even for me).  Sometimes they have sales, and you can probably buy two almost for the price of one then.  But still, $20 isn’t bad for good foundation.


Yup, gotta get some H2O.  I’ve been really careful to make sure I stay hydrated through the day for the past several months, and that helps with energy and with glowing skin, along with tons of other benefits.  I tend to use my Brita every day, and sometimes I will make a pitcher of the WalMart version of Crystal Light’s peach tea to make sure I’m drinking plenty.


So other than the rest of my regular makeup products, this is my new facial cleansing regimen for the past many months, and I am VERY pleased at how glowing and great my skin looks.  I am not a doctor of any kind, so if you’re ever unsure or have a skin condition, you will want to check with your doctor or dermatologist.

Do you have a favorite product that helps make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside? If so, share it here!


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