Technique and Skill

Ballroom, social, country/western dance lessons for even the dancing-impaired!

Have you always wanted to dance, but didn’t think you could?

Think you have two left feet, or that your feet just don’t connect to your brain?

No Dance Experience Required!

If you can walk, you can dance!

There are only FOUR very basic steps that make the foundation for every step you will learn in social or ballroom dancing …

and I guarantee that if you know how to walk, you already know how to do all four.

Let me teach you how to easily put those steps together while you learn basic steps of some of the dances that you’ve always wanted to do!  There is no need to assume that you need to walk into class already knowing how to dance; that’s what we’re here for – to teach you.  And everyone else in class is there for the same reason – they don’t know how to dance but want to learn.

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