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How to choose a ballroom dance shoe

Two of my favorite things:  ballroom dancing and SHOES!

Here are some of my tips to choose a ballroom dance shoe:

Safety & Security

  • Make sure there isa strap around the ankle
  • Make sure the shoe, including the toe area, holds your foot firmly
  • Choose suede soles.  Traditional leather soles are too slick, and rubber soles such as on tennis shoes don’t let you move your feet as easily.  Suede ballroom soles also allow you to feel the floor better, which is important when you are ballroom dancing!

Safety & Comfort

  • Check heel height and choose a height with which you’re comfortable


  • Make sure the insole has good, thick padding.  Finding a shoe that lets you dance all night in comfort can be a real feat!  (Punny?)


  • And don’t forget SYTLE!  You can find ballroom dance shoes in a variety of colors, prints, and designs.  After your safety and comfort is assured, be free to express yourself with style.

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