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[VIDEO] Importance of ladies keeping tension in the right shoulder

One of the important places to pay attention to is your right shoulder and tricep. You wouldn’t think one small spot could potentially cause so much chaos when dancing, but it can.

I don’t want you to worry as much about the muscle as you do about holding the frame in this one key spot.

When your partner presses on your right hand to lead you into a step, if your right arm collapses where the elbow falls back to or behind your right shoulder, you can’t be led into a step. You end up standing in the same spot with a collapsed frame.

Keeping the frame throughout your right arm firm (even when your forearm is being moved) allows your arm to move rest of your body. Your right tricep and shoulder area remains rigid. Your shoulder doesn’t collapse, and your elbow doesn’t bend backwards towards your shoulder or back.

This is just one little tip to make it easier to follow the lead of your partner, and it makes his job hundreds of times easier and helps give him confidence in his leading skills, which increases his likelihood of wanting to dance again (especially important for any reluctant men!)

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