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Knowing how to dance gets you ready for social situations

People who go to weddings, or even go on a cruise, want to be in that social scene and look good while doing it.

After years of watching “Dancing With the Stars” or even exhibition performances, you might be a little intimidated to get up on the dance floor.  But we have a few tips that we constantly repeat in every class that will help you gain confidence.

  • First, make sure you’re having fun.  The whole point of dancing is being able to enjoy the music, your partner, and the atmosphere without feeling self conscious.  And be sure to smile!
  • Stand up straight. Don’t force your partner to hold you up. Don’t hang onto your partner. Women should support the weight of their own arms rather than expecting the man to hold the arm up. Men should stand tall, no matter how much they may tower over their dance partner.  Having a great frame and great posture makes you look like you know what you’re doing.
  • Don’t look at your feet. Hold your head up high and smile.  Humans have a habit of looking where someone else’s eyes are directed.  We even do that with our pets – think about the last time your dog or cat was looking at the wall or the ceiling, you probably turned and looked where they were looking.  So if you’re staring down at your feet, that’s where your audience will look as well, and see all those “variations” that you may not want them to see.  Keep your eyes up and your face smiling.
  • The music is the boss. Don’t force a mambo onto a cha-cha or a swing onto a waltz. Eventually you’ll recognize the rhythms, but until then, make sure you’re doing a slow dance with slow music, and an upbeat dance with fast music.  If you only know one dance, your instructor has probably exposed you to some of the different tunes it can be danced to, which will help you learn.
  • If you can, purchase some ballroom dance shoes. We offer a selection of affordable ballroom dance shoes in our online store, designed for students who don’t want to pay an arm and a dancing leg for their shoes.  Regular shoes have a rubber sole and are meant to keep you from sliding or keep your feet protected from the floor.  Ballroom dance shoes are made a bit thinner so you can feel floor underneath, and with a suede bottom so you can do turns and twists without hurting your knees.

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