New movie “Ballroom Dancer” premieres January 2013

Ballroom Dancer follows Slavik Kryklyvyy – 34 (Ukraine), a former World Champion in Latin, who is making his comeback with his new partner Anna Melnikova Duknauske (Russia), ten years his junior.  Slavik has been out of dancing due to a hip injury, and his aging body causes him severe pain.  Slavik was the former partner of Joanna Leunis, who went on to capture all of the world’s highest professional accolades without him. His flaring temper risks his relationship with Anna.  Slavik puts everything on the line to reclaim his championship, but it is a long, tough struggle in his ultimate push to the top.   The couple battles anxiety, injury and envy below the glittery surface of the competitive ballroom dance world.
Ballroom Dancer has won awards at the Raindance and Tribeca Film Festivals in 2012.  The film, directed by Andreas Koefoed and Christian Bonke, will be released in cinemas on 18th January 2013 and on DVD and download on from 4th February.

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