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3 ways improved posture from ballroom dancing helps

It’s no surprise that exercise, such as ballroom dance, can help improve posture.  It’s only one of the benefits that taking ballroom dance classes in Fort Worth can provide.  What may be surprising is some of the additional benefits that correcting posture can provide:

1. Bad posture = bad body language. Some people may say more with their bodies than with their words, but the message may be interpreted incorrectly when having improper posture. It’s been proven that people perceive and react more positively to those who conveyed confidence, intelligence, and a welcoming attitude. The main factor that relayed these and other positive messages was the communicator’s good posture.

2. Bad posture = depression and anxiety. Because bad posture diverts a considerable amount of energy to run vital organ systems, the efficacy to operate other areas is diminished. Moods are negatively affected, which can bring on anxious and depressed feelings. Ballroom dance can help fight these moods, not just through cardiovascular exercise, but also by promoting good posture (and bringing on a smile through dancing!).

3. Bad posture = diminished libido. It’s been proven that bodies with bad posture have a harder time running more sophisticated processes which our body deems secondary. This means that the release of feel-good endorphins and other beneficial neurological activity is altered and addressed as secondary. Ballroom dance is excellent exercise that can help bring that zing back by addressing posture through movement and balance.

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