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Why did we add a store for ballroom dance shoes and accessories?


When I first started ballroom dance training, I knew I needed proper shoes.  Ballroom dance shoes have the suede sole that allows proper movement across the floor, the flexible sole and arch area allowing proper pointing of your toes to make a sleek leg line, and the padding necessary to be able to dance for hours with comfort.

And then I started looking for the shoes … and seeing the prices!  My first pair cost $150 for basic, almost boring, black.  I realized they probably wouldn’t last long given the amount of dancing I would be doing, and there was no way they would match the many different dresses I wanted to wear.  I started doing the math in my head and determined I would need a second job just to be able to afford shoes!

And I didn’t want YOU to have the same experience.  I quickly decided that I wanted the opportunity for ALL dancers to be able to purchase the shoes that will help them be better dancers, and make them affordable.  So I researched vendors, and chose a  small line of ballroom dance shoes (to begin with) that all cost under $100, with many being able to custom order by size, heel height, and color.

WELCOME to the most affordable ballroom dance shoes that you will ever LOVE!  And continue checking back, we are adding new shoes to the store constantly.

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