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Setting goals for your ballroom dancing

Here are a few tips on how dancers and those who are curious about dance can set and keep their exercise goals through ballroom dance.

Ballroom dance is a goal-oriented activity: dancers don’t just get on the dance floor for its own sake; there is always a goal in sight. Be it getting through a favorite song without missing a beat, working out through technique drills, or simply learning new steps, each lesson has a specific goal.

Ballroom dance offers tangible, visible results: whether it’s weight loss, improved posture, or just meeting new friends, dancing offers new experiences that provide mulch-dimensional results. One week may be the loss of those last stubborn pounds, while the next might offer a dance breakthrough. Plus, at the end of each dance lessons dancers feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from sticking to a regimen that is good for the body, but also fun!  Consider your own personal objectives for each class.

Ballroom dance is a reward onto itself: taking part in goal-oriented exercise has benefits for the body and the mind. From socializing, to learning new steps, to having the satisfaction of continued progress in many areas, has proven benefits. The act of dancing itself means that something was learned, applied, and is now being used with others.  Decide how you plan to measure your own progress, in addition to how your instructor measures progress.

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