Technique and Skill

The two main things men need to remember

Men – or those leading:
You have only TWO THINGS that you need to remember when you are partner or social dancing. Only two? Yes it is that easy!

1 – Keep your partner SAFE

This means keeping aware of the other couples who are on the dance floor, and being aware of your location on the dance floor (as it relates to walls, posts, tables, stages, or etc.) at all times. You use your leading skills to deftly steer and re-direct the course of your dancing to keep from running your partner into anything.

2 – Make her look PRETTY

Your lead should be assertive enough (notice I didn’t say aggressive) that she should never have a question about which way she should be going. This is developed through good coaching and practice to increase your confidence level. You don’t need to know a great quantity of steps as long as you are leading your partner well into the ones that you are doing. It also means that you gain an awareness of your body position, and how changes to that impact your partner’s body position. Again, this is accomplished through good coaching and practice to increase your confidence level. The great thing about partner dancing is that after you’ve learned some basic steps and how to move, as long as you’re moving in a way that makes sense when you think of anatomy and physics, you’re leading your partner assertively, and she has learned how to follow well, no observers will ever be able to tell when you’re doing “variations”!

Okay, so it’s really a bit more than just two things. But if you keep these two in mind – SAFE and PRETTY – you are already a LONG way towards being an excellent partner for dancing.

Men respond with the ONE or TWO of these words that outline your duties, and I will send you a coupon for $5 off a lesson! (Ladies, you will get your chance later 😉

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