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Tips for combating the holiday pounds

Eat before you go to the holiday party.

Have a salad or a small healthy meal before you go. You’ll have some food in your stomach, you won’t eat as much.

Try and get in your workout two to three times a week.

Try to stay consistent with your training.  Make it an appointment with yourself – one of the most important of the week!  We will still be offering zumba, yoga, and lots of dance classes all through the holiday season – so you can make your workout FUN!

Drink your water.

Calculate half your body weight, and drink number of ounces of water.  So if you are 200 lbs, you will want to drink 100 ounces of water, or roughly 10 cups.  Water is important for elimination, for digestion, for your skin for everything that you body needs to do for both functioning and fat burning.

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