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Top 5 Ballroom Dancing Accessories

Whether you are ballroom dancing in Fort Worth or elsewhere, if you are performing you will want to make good choices about your dance accessories.  They don’t need to be expensive, but choosing the right items can help make the activity more graceful and enjoyable.

We provide a variety of ballroom and other dance lessons in Fort Worth; but learning the proper steps isn’t the only consideration.  You also want to focus on being comfortable and safe.  The right outfit and shoes will help with both.

Here is a list of the top 5 ballroom dance accessories to consider:

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Dance shoes

Shoes are probably the most essential accessory to be picked for a ballroom dancing, or any type of dance lessons. Ladies shoes provide a nice feminine touch that works well with ballroom dance attire and creates a nice line for the leg, while allowing you to move safely and confidently.  You want a shoe with an ankle strap that will hold your foot securely.  Dance shoes can sometimes become expensive, but for more affordable ballroom dance shoes, visit our dance shoe store online.


Tights are considered to be the best option for ballroom and other types of dancing. Wearing tights will help improve your overall costume or clothing look as well as the appearance of your legs.  Popular options include black tights, nude tights, and fishnets, along with those with a seam down the back.  Special tights for dancing come with a reinforced foot, allowing them to stand up to rigors of a dance performance.

Know about Top 5 Ballroom Dance Accessories

False eyelashes

Oh, the joys of false eyelashes!  (If you’ve never read my adventures with false eyelashes, click over here and get a bit of a laugh!)  False eyelashes are a must for female ballroom dance performers.  They call dramatic attention to the eyes, and expression is a large part of successful ballroom dance performances. Remember, the false eyelashes can be quite amazing and available in lots of variants apart from the ones being worn daily.  They can come in multiple dramatic colors, and be embellished with accessories such as rhinestones or small feathers.

Body stockings

It should be no surprise that ballroom dance costumes can be quite revealing on your torso, and even less of a surprise that most of us would prefer to avoid a wardrobe malfunction!  This is the reason most female ballroom dancers wear body stockings, to provide support and coverage.  Body stockings are available in different flesh tones to match the complexion of the performer, and options can be with or without arm covering.

Know about Top 5 Ballroom Dance Accessories

Glitter spray

This kind of spray is used to enhance a dancer’s overall skin appearance.  Having a bit of sparkle on your skin can catch light and draw attention to the lines and forms of your ballroom dance steps.  Some brands work as both a spray-on tan and light glitter combined, providing dual benefits.

There are numerous ballroom dance accessories you can choose from – this is only a short list but perhaps a few items you may have not considered before.

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