Vicky Wu

SSL tango April 2010So you’re thinking about learning how to dance?  You’ve come to the right place!

Our philosophy is simple – we want you to be able to dance (at least a little) after your first lesson – hence the name Hit the Ground Dancing!  And we want you to be able to do it at an affordable price.

Vicky first began her dance career at age eight taking classes in the most popular dance craze of the time –  DISCO!  This was followed by more years of lessons in styles including square dancing, and of course the foundational dances of tap, jazz and ballet.  Vicky began teaching dance at age 14 and even added a stint with breakdancing to her repertoire.

Vicky completed in an intensive teacher program for ballroom dance instruction and began teaching ballroom dance, latin dance, and social dance lessons shortly thereafter.  She believes in continually learning and takes a variety of professional level lessons and classes with master teachers.  She has performed in numerous exhibitions, such as the Moulin Rouge tango shown here for the Sherman Service League Charity Ball.

“I enjoy taking non-dancers and sharing my own love of dance by helping them learn to dance together,” said Vicky.  ”Teaching ballroom and social dance is especially satisfying when you’re working with a couple and helping them learn something fun that they can do together.  In fact, one of my most enjoyable activities is teaching brides and grooms their first dance, and then seeing them return later to participate in other dance workshops or even our Dance Partners for Life classes.”

Vicky believes on suiting the curriculum and choreography to her students’ needs – not taking a “cookie cutter” approach.

“It’s important to me to meet your needs,” she says.  “If you only want choreography for a wedding dance, that’s what you’ll receive.  If you only want to learn one social dance good enough to go out with your significant other, that’s what you’ll receive.  But if your desire is to learn professional-level ballroom dancing, then that’s where we’ll take you.  Each student is unique, and therefore so will be your lesson plan.  Our services are extremely student-centered and always will be.”