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Wedding Dance Planning

I’ve developed a checklist / questionnaire that I use with my wedding dance couples and brides & grooms to help determine what style of dance, and what specific ballroom dance steps to include when planning a choreographed dance.  It’s also helpful when simply wanting to learn basic steps for a wedding dance without learning specific choreography.

Certain things will cause a good wedding dance choreographer to slightly revise the choreography so that it is most comfortable for the dancers.  For example, if you have a long fluffy wedding dress, trying to perform multiple fast and tight turns in the dance could cause your legs to become tangled in your skirt.  If you are dancing on a carpeted floor, spinning turns would be more difficult and risk twisting your knee.  We don’t want to do anything during the dance that would cause you to fall or be in pain for the rest of your wedding reception or even worse on your honeymoon!

A questionnaire like the one attached can help us best determine what type of steps to include, or more importantly not include, in your dance.  Complete and return before planning of any choreography begins.

Oh and don’t forget, it’s YOUR wedding dance, so if your choreographer (me included) gives you a step that you aren’t comfortable with, or there’s something specific you would like added, always ask!

Wedding Dance Questionnaire

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