Shoes and Attire

What to wear for pole dance class

Pole dancing is all about gripping at the right times and with the right parts of your body. Skin tends to be sticky, but clothes are not, so it’s important to have enough skin to let you climb, hang off and spin round your pole while still remaining appropriately covered.

Almost all pole schools recommend wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Here are a few other points you should consider too:

  • Short shorts are much better than long shorts. Your upper thighs are very important for some moves, and long shorts won’t give you nearly as much grip.
  • Football shorts tend to be very slippery. You’ll probably find you stick to the pole much better with a pair of cotton-based shorts instead.
  • Wear big undies. Some moves could result in a wardrobe malfunction!  (Think Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct).  Wear a big pair of undergarments to prevent any surprises.
  • Grip better – If you find you’re not sticking to the pole as much as you’d like and want a bit more purchase, then a tight vest top is perfect. Many people are amazed at the extra grip they get from just the upper arm and armpit.
  • And though they look lovely, smock tops aren’t suitable as they tend to invert when you do.  Always choose a form-fitting shirt.

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