EtiquetteShoes and Attire

What to Wear: Type of Dance

General Guidelines:

Country/Western:  Country western attire has variations across the country, but generally you will find blue or black jeans (not stone-washed) and cowboy boots.  If you wear a cowboy hat, it may be a good idea to take it off when going on the floor.  Note that people can be very sensitive about their hats – and with good reason, a nice, good quality hat can be quite an investment, just like a good pair of boots.  It is improper to touch or otherwise handle someone’s hat, even if it sits on a table.  For a lady to pick up and put on a gentleman’s hat is considered very flirtatious.

Milongas:  (Argentine Tango) For both ladies and men, black or dark themes are preferred.


Latin:  For venues that specialize in Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, etc.  For men, any button-up shirt, solid colored T-shirt or mock turtleneck, dress slacks, and dance shoes.  Jackets are nice, but a vest can be even more stylish.  Bright and colorful outfits for men are acceptable, although dark themes are more common.  Ladies can and often do wear sexy outfits.  Short skirts and longer skirts with slits are popular.  Low necklines and exposed midriffs are not uncommon (but not required).

Swing:  There are no strict rules for swing outfits.  Both men and ladies wear outfits that are reasonably neat and chic, although often not very formal.  Many types of swing are fast-paced and athletic, so wearing suitable clothing is essential.  A cute trend, especially in Lindy Hop circles, is to wear vintage outfits from the 1930’s and 40’s, but this is not done everywhere and is not a requirement.

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