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What to wear … UNDER

A lot of ballroom dancing is attitude.

Even when you’re social dancing (and the “attitude” doesn’t matter as much), you still want to feel good about yourself.

When I’m ballroom dancing, I find that the proper clothing (and shoes – have to throw that plug in there 😉 ) helps greatly.  Garments that don’t restrict your movements, yet are still pretty and beautiful – because ladies we all know that if you’re LOOKING pretty or sexy or sultry or fun, it goes a long way towards helping you FEEL that way as well.  And what you feel on the inside projects outward.

So I hated the fact that with my bra, I felt like my choices were limited.  I could wear a sports bra for the flexibility, but it doesn’t look so great.  Or I could wear a bra that looks better, but it probably has an underwire, which doesn’t feel so great.

What I wanted was something that allows me freedom of movement like a sports bra, but is PRETTY!

Then I found a bra designed by a highschool classmate who is now a lingerie designer and has her own line called Twala Intimates.  And it’s perfect!

Here’s a link to her design, if you want to view it:

I’m not necessarily suggesting that you purchase this specific bra.  And I don’t get any kind of perk, bonus, or referral fee if you do.  I’m just giving you an example of something I found that allows me to move, yet still provides support, and is feminine and pretty.  (Although I bet my friend Twala would LOVE if you placed an order lol!)

Consider the next time that you’re getting dressed, whether you’re doing a performance with an audience, dancing for fun with your partner, or even just at practice.  What you wear and how you look can impact the attitude you put into your dancing, so find things to wear that make you feel beautiful and comfortable!

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