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Why men ballroom dance

Or … why men SHOULD ballroom dance

Off the top of my head, I can think of five main reasons men either want to or do learn how to ballroom dance.  These obviously aren’t the ONLY reasons, just common ones:

Men learn to dance for their partner

The first and what should be the most obvious reason men learn how to dance, especially learn ballroom dance, is for their partner!  My sons have learned the saying:

If mom ain’t happy, ain’t no body happy

And by association, it’s cousin:  Happy wife, happy life.  A lot of men learn how to dance to please their partner – and I personally think that’s a GREAT reason!  Men feel happy when they know they’ve made their partner happy.

However, if that’s not enough of, or the right reason for you, read on:

Men learn to dance to feel sophisticated

Think of a sophisticated male movie character.  Did you think of Bond … James Bond?  Could you imagine James Bond being as impressive of a character if he couldn’t dance?  Think about James Bond doing a seductive tango with a woman (in this case it’s Kim Basinger).

Social dancing is actually one of the greatest cultural contributions that the west has made to the world.  When you learn ballroom dance, you automatically learn one of the most refined aspects of a culture. You can’t help but be a bit more sophisticated when you do this.

Men learn how to dance because it’s a challenge

What kind of a man walks away from a challenge?

Ballroom dancing isn’t just a physical challenge that can be dealt with by simply increasing strength or speed. You need to master movement. You need to also confront and overcome one of the greatest fears a man has: looking foolish. One of the reasons why many men try to argue that they do not need to learn to dance or that ballroom is not for any man is the fear that they will look foolish if they try it.  But – LEARNING HOW to do something (dance) is how you keep from looking foolish!

Most people don’t look great the first time they dance; but with proper instruction and practice, everyone improves!

Men learn to dance because it helps keep the brain activeLearning to ballroom dance offers multiple opportunities to keep your brain active.  History, culture, physiology, music, steps, the routines and even more.  The best thing about learning ballroom dance is that there are multiple avenues you can choose to pursue:

  • I want to make a specific dance better
  • I want to learn a new dance
  • I want to learn more moves for one dance
  • I want to polish the dance moves I already know

This alone can keep your brain in good health, but dancing also makes you think when you dance.

Not only do you need to pay attention to the woman that you’re dancing with so that you can lead her, but you also need to navigate the dance floor so as not to collide with others. You also need to do this while staying in time too. You need to pay attention to what you see, hear and feel. You then need to infer what to do next from these stimuli as well.

Men learn to dance to feel more like masculine

But isn’t dancing FEMININE?  Not really.  Ballroom dancing is actually a bit old fashioned when it comes to gender roles – which isn’t a bad thing.

I tease my students that the dance floor is one of the few places where the lady will actually let the man be in charge.  And believe me when I say, some of the ladies have a much easier time learning the steps than they do learning to let the man lead!

The man has to protect the woman he dances with (my first rule – keep her safe); and help make her look pretty (rule #2).  He will confidently hold his partner and be physically strong, yet provide a gentle embrace so she can enjoy the dance.  Ballroom dancing allows a man to exercise his masculine side so that he is comfortable producing it in everyday life.

This practice can help a man become more confident, and confidence is attractive to women.  The ability to dance is also attractive to many women, which will also help improve your confidence around women, and therefore your attractiveness.



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